Friday 5 November 2010

Attempted Distraction

This is the Text of an email I have received from a Villager:

"Just to follow up on a visit I received today from a gypsy caller.

At approx 2pm the door bell rang and a woman with dirty clothes and no shoes claimed she had been locked out of a friends house and asked to use my phone despite having a mobile phone in her hand!

On noticing that I had seen this she claimed it was out of battery.

I said that was fine and closed my front door and came back with my home phone. She dialed a couple of numbers but guess what no answer!

In hindsight I shouldn't have done this but nevertheless sent her on her way without entry to my property.

If she had of entered I have no doubt that she would have robbed me.

Please could you let the NHW teams know so that they may inform residents to be extra vigilant."

The Police have been infoermed, but we should all take care and be as vigilant as this person