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NHW Newsletter December 2011

Neighbourhood Watch Newsletter - Kisle News December 2011

From our Community Police Officer Jen Harrison I have received some information concerning Crime reported in our Village for the period April 1 2011 to November 30 2011, compared with the same period last year:

2011 - Total Crimes for this period is 44
2 Burglary Dwelling
5 Burglary Other
11 Criminal Damage
8 Deception Fraud
1 Drug Offences
1 Other Offence
5 Theft from Motor Vehicles
8 Theft/Handling
2 Theft of Motor Vehicle
1 Violence Offences [ domestic related incidents]

2010 - Total Crimes for this period is 55
1 Burglary Dwelling
10 Burglary Other
15 Criminal Damage
1 Deception Fraud
3 Other Offence
2 Theft from Motor Vehicles
13 Theft/Handling
4 Theft of Motor Vehicle
6 Violence Offences [ domestic related incidents]


Whilst it is very good to see that there has been a reduction, nevertheless we are still suffering almost 4 Crimes per month. It is worrying to see that Deception Fraud has increased as this includes Doorstep and Phone Crimes. We have talked about this many times. Please ensure that your Street Residents take all precautions to avoid becoming a victim of any Crime.

·         Keep presents both wrapped and unwrapped out of view – make sure they’re not visible from any windows.

·         Don’t put gift packaging out for recycling or leave it sticking out of your bin – thieves will notice boxes for branded products like laptops, TVs or even accessories that could indicate there’s an expensive piece of kit somewhere in the house.

·         Leave a light on and draw the curtains when you go out at night.

·         Mark your valuables with a UV pen or property marking service. You can register your property with which is endorsed by a number of police forces and which also sells property marking products.

  • If you are staying at home make sure that all keys, handbags, and other valuable items (phones, iPads, etc.) are not on view through windows after you have gone to bed.

·         If you’re going away, ask a trusted neighbour to pop in every now and then and turn the lights on and off, draw the curtains, collect the mail and generally make the house look occupied. And it goes without saying, make sure everything is properly locked up before you leave and the burglar alarm – if you have one – is set. Cancel your newspapers, magazines and milk deliveries.

There are still streets which do not have Street Representatives (Ashby Close, and Bugbrooke Road) and in my mind these streets are more vulnerable as there is no obvious NHW presence. Please contact me (telephone number and email address below) if you wish to volunteer to be the Street Representative for your street. This is not hard work, but it does help to make your neighbourhood more secure. Please see the Village Web site for the full list of Street Representatives at

For Police Crime Reports please Visit the NHW News Page on the Village Web site

Village news - I have no specific crimes to report. What I can say is that all around us, and in one case last month in our Village, thieves are very active stealing Metal and Fuel from mainly Farms, and some Businesses. So far they have not targeted domestic properties but we need to keep our eyes open and be prepared to challenge anyone who we are suspicious of. The Police will welcome calls as they want to stop this wave of crime that we have heard about on the news.

If you wish to report an incident, or are suspicious about people in the Village please use 999 for Emergencies or the new 101 number for non emergency calls, or call me on 07855 388 751.
Local news - Nothing specific to report for our region.
The number of houses signed up to our Database is 202 at the time of writing this report. We achieved the target before Christmas!! There are still many of you who have not yet signed up so we should be able to reach 250 and well beyond by Easter!!!Those on the database will be able to receive urgent NHW messages direct, and important Village information. If you are not on the database we cannot contact you.


Visit the Village Website, click on the Email Database link, and subscribe. It is very easy! Go to
Finally, you may have seen on BBC TV Publicity for an initiative to help people get on and use the Internet called "Go-On Give an Hour". I have registered as somebody who would like to help, and anyone who would like to use the internet but is having problems of any kind should contact me and I will be very happy to try to sort out the problem.
Remember, and use, the following numbers to report crimes or other incidents.

Police : 999 for an emergency or to Report a Crime. Non Emergency Calls to the Police use 101, or text to 18001 101. The dedicated Neighbourhood Watch Number is 01604 432 436. Police Community Support - Jen Harrison 03000 111 222. Crimestoppers ( Anonymous) 0800 555 111. 
Tim Ward
07855 388 751 and