Friday 28 January 2011

Dyson Service Scam

At the KOFS Meeting last Thursday, Pauline Cook brought to the attention of the KOFS, a report in the Northampton
Chronicle & Echo about a scam being carried out by a company offering to service Dyson Hoovers for £14.99.
The company was servicing equipment using secondhand equipment and charging full price etc. according to
the newspaper. Pauline had received a call offering to service her Dyson and comparing it to a previous offer
from Dyson of £50 she decided to proceeed. However having read the article in the newspaper she declined
the offer when the serviceman arrived and he left without any animosity.
However another member in this past week has had a service carried out by this company and she reports
that the service engineer was very pleasant on arrival and after checking her machine he advised her that
it required two new filters and a new belt. The belt cost £4.99 and the filters were far more expensive. The final
amount she paid was well over £60. On hearing the report from Pauline at the KOFS she phoned Dyson when she arrived
home to be told that neither filter required replacement during the life of the hoover as the back filter was for
emissions and the front filter was cleaned by washing and did not require replacement. She was also advised that
Dyson sell 2 fan belts for £4.99!!. Dyson took full details of the company providing the service and we presume
will be following it up.