Monday 14 March 2011

January 2011 NHW Newsletter

Neighbourhood Watch Newsletter - Kisle News January 2011

Village news - We have had a quiet period over Christmas and the New Year. However, recently there was a break in to a shop in Hodges Lane through the rear door which was smashed open. Cash and vehicle keys were taken, and the vehicle was driven off. The same night there was an attempted Burglary in Hall Close. We need to be vigilant about keeping our eyes open for suspicious people and suspicious happenings. The Police want us to inform them of anybody calling door to door for whatever reason - selling, bag drops, collecting for Charity, etc. They want to come out to verify their credentials. Please use the number 01604 432 436 to report what you see immediately, or call me on 07855 388 751.

Local news - Bugbrooke - Rear UPVC Door was forced and internal door smashed. Tobacco and money stolen. Nether Heyford - Land Rover stolen whilst left running and owner went to open gate. Bugbrooke - Rear window broken with broom handle left outside. Money stolen. Patishall - Oil stolen from house tank. Bugbrooke - rear window of car smashed. Nothing stolen. Milton Malsor - Window of Main Church Hall smashed and opened. Nothing taken. Milton Malsor - Double glazed patio window smashed with either concrete bird bath, or wooden door. Money stolen.

I am happy to say that a Villagers are calling me to have a FREE Fire Safety Check from the Fire Service, who also have some FREE Smoke Alarms to give away if they feel a house needs them. This offer is still open so I encourage more Villagers to take advantage of the FREE Fire Service expertise to make their homes safer. Please contact me if you wish to have a visit and I will get it arranged. DON'T MISS OUT ON HAVING YOUR HOME ASSESSED!


I have 2 SmartWater kits still available. These will go on a first come, first served basis! Please do not think that this is just a fancy name for marker pens. This is a high-tech solution that works to deter crime on two levels. First, thieves do not want to steal goods that have been marked. Second, dealers do not want to handle goods that have been marked. Finally, the success rate for returning marked goods to the owners is very high as the code of the SmartWater that you use is unique to you. House Insurance may replace stolen items, but it cannot return precious things!

I am happy to tell you that Patricia Geary has volunteered to represent Dukes Green Road in our Village NHW Scheme. We still need more Volunteers for Streets not yet covered. Please see the Village Web site for the full list of Street Representatives at This web site is for the Village and contains many interesting pages on other subjects.


Already 15% of Villagers have signed up in support of this project. They will now be able to receive urgent NHW messages direct, and important Village information. If you are not on the database we cannot contact you. DON'T MISS OUT! SIGN UP TO THE DATA BASE!. Visit the Village Website, click on the Email Database link, and subscribe. It is very easy! Go to

Remember, and use, the following numbers to report crimes or other incidents.

Police : 999 for an emergency or to Report a Crime. Non Emergency Police Number 01604 432 436. Police Community Support - Jen Harrison 03000 111 222. Crimestoppers (Anonymous) 0800 555 111.

Tim Ward

07855 388 751 and