Monday 14 March 2011

NHW Newsletter March 2011

Neighbourhood Watch Newsletter - Kisle News March 2011

Village news - The number of crimes in our Village has increased recently. And we have had in the early part of March a number of Vandalism incidents, culminating with the disturbance at the Playing Fields on Friday March 11th, to which the Police were called, but which also resulted in other Vandalism incidents in the Village. The next night Eggs were thrown at the front of the Olde Red Lion Pub, which is stupid behaviour, but takes a lot of effort to clean up. I have also heard of an attempted break-in in Millers Close. This does not appear on the February Crime Report so I can only assume that it was not reported to the Police. There was an attempted break-in to a house in Mill lane in early March, not reported to the Police, and on the same night I understand that there was an attempt to break-in to a house in Mill Road. A suspicious vehicle was seen in The Orchard and a Street Representative there challenged the occupants who then left. This was reported to the Police.
From the Monthly Police Crime Report:
Kislingbury – Wrights Lane. Burglary in a Dwelling between the hours of 1930 and 1955 on 28th Feb 2011. Person[s] gain entry to premises via rear insecure window. Car keys removed and vehicle stolen from driveway. Vehicle subsequently recovered. Kislingbury – Nene Way, Criminal Damage caused to vehicle between the hours of 1300 on 20th Feb and 1600 on 21st Feb 2011. Person[s] scratch full length of parked vehicle. Kislingbury – Nene Way, Criminal Damage caused to vehicle between the hours of 1500 on 20th Feb and 1500 on 21st Feb 2011. Person[s] scratch front and rear doors of vehicle. Kislingbury – Bugbrooke Road. Burglary in a Building [ Not Dwelling] between the hours of 2030 and 2055 on 9th Feb 2011. Person[s] enter location and force open door to premises.

It is very important to tell the Police that an incident is happening, or as soon after as you can. If we do not tell them, and the thieves see no Police response, they will conclude that Kislingbury is easy pickings and come back again. The Police do not mind getting calls. More importantly they need the calls to help them fight Crime. Please use 999 for Emergencies or the number 01604 432 436 to report what you see immediately, or call me on 07855 388 751, if you want to report a crime or something or somebody suspicious.

Local news - Based on the monthly Police Crime Report.
Harpole - 5 Crimes. Theft of Vehicles, Burglaries and Criminal Damage.
Milton Malsor – 1 Crime. Burglary in Building.

For full details of the January Crime Report please visit

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Remember, and use, the following numbers to report crimes or other incidents.
Police : 999 for an emergency or to Report a Crime. Non Emergency Police Number 01604 432 436. Police Community Support - Jen Harrison 03000 111 222. Crimestoppers (Anonymous) 0800 555 111.

Tim Ward
07855 388 751 and