Wednesday 30 November 2011

NHW Newsletter August 2011

Neighbourhood Watch Newsletter - Kisle News August 2011

Village news - At a recent meeting with our Community Police Officer I learned that Crime in our Village for the period of 1st April to 31st July this year compared to last year is around 50% down in cases of Crimes as well as cases of Nuisance incidents. I would like to think that all the NHW team has played a part in this result. We need to continue to keep up our vigilance in order to prevent it getting worse. There are still streets which do not have Street Representatives (Millers Close, Ashby Close, and Bugbrooke Road) and in my mind these street are more vulnerable as there is no obvious NHW presence. Please contact me (telephone number and email address below) if you wish to volunteer to be the Street Representative for your street. This is not hard work, but it does help to make your neighbourhood more secure.

Our first Street Meeting with the Police (the new way the Police will interact with the Community) was held on July 15 at 6:00 p.m. at the Car Park near the Toddler Play Area of the Playing Fields. The focus was on Anti-Social Behaviour and the Streets targeted were Hall Close, Beech Lane, The Green, and High Street. About a dozen villagers turned up to have a general discussion and then had the opportunity to discuss more individual matters with the Police Officers who were present. I will let you know when the next meeting is planned.

Please remember to be careful about leaving Doors and Windows open. It only takes seconds for a thief to enter a house, snatch valuables, and be out again, if the windows and doors are not locked. Keep your valuables, house keys, and car keys out of sight of Windows or Letter Flaps as it is easy to "fish" them out. Please also remember that even if a Caller to a house appears to be genuine the Police still want to check them. Please call me or the Police on the number shown below to report anyone calling on you without an appointment.

Examples of Crimes in our Village from the most recent Crime report are shown below. For this Crime Reports and others please Visit the NHW News Page on the Village Web site

Bugbrooke Road. Theft from Vehicle between the hours of 1730 on 16th and 1100 on 17th June 2011. Person[s] gain entry to yard area and remove fuel caps causing damage. Diesel removed from vehicles. Mill Lane. Theft from Vehicle between the hours of 0001 on 1st Feb and 1010 11th June 2011. Person[s] remove ID and VIN Plates from Trailer. Lichfield Close. Criminal Damage to Vehicle between the hours of 2230 on 4th and 0830 on 5th June 2011. Person[s] cause damage to passenger side tyre of vehicle. Mill Road. Criminal Damage to Vehicle between the hours of 1200 on 28th and 1400 on 30th May 2011. Person[s] cause damage to driver’s side of vehicle

If you wish to report an incident, or are suspicious about people in the Village please use 999 for Emergencies or the number 01604 432 436 to report what you see immediately, or call me on 07855 388 751.
Local news - from the most recent Crime Report:

Rothersthorpe – Theft between the hours of 0001 on 23rd and 1200 on 24th June 2011. Person[s] enter rear garden and cut pipes attached to two calor gas bottles in an attempt to remove them. Theft between the hours of 1500 on 1st and 2000 on 2nd June 2011. Person[s] break off padlock and remove diesel from tank.

Milton Malsor – Criminal Damage between the hours of 2030 and 2035 on 27th June 2011. Person[s] cause damage to garage roof. Theft of Pedal Cycle between the hours of 1200 and 1600 on 21st June 2011. Person[s] remove insecure Pedal Cycle from front garden. Theft of Motor Vehicle between the hours of 1300 on 30th May and 1130 on 4th June 2011. Person[s] remove a broken down vehicle from a ditch at the location.

Harpole – Burglary in a Building [not dwelling] between the hours of 2300-2320 on 26th June 2011. Person[s] gain entry to field by cutting through locks to gates. Entry gained to wooden shop building and various items of property taken. Criminal Damage to Vehicle between the hours of 1000 and 1100 on 12th June 2011. Person[s] cause damage to passenger side wing mirror of vehicle

We still need more Volunteers for Streets not yet covered. Please see the Village Web site for the full list of Street Representatives at
The number of houses signed up to our Database has risen to over 170. They will be able to receive urgent NHW messages direct, and important Village information. However, there are a lot of people who still have not signed on to the list and I encourage you all to visit the Village Web site where there is a link to the Subscribe option. If you are not on the database we cannot contact you.
Visit the Village Website, click on the Email Database link, and subscribe. It is very easy! Go to
Remember, and use, the following numbers to report crimes or other incidents.
Police : 999 for an emergency or to Report a Crime. Non Emergency Police Number 01604 432 436. Police Community Support - Jen Harrison 03000 111 222. Crimestoppers ( Anonymous) 0800 555 111. 
Tim Ward
07855 388 751 and